Abacus Carbono

Abacus Carbono is our fully-regulated discretionary asset management platform to invest in cryptocurrencies. Our team of experts analyzes the market to identify emerging trends and designs a diversified portfolio with only the best and safest cryptocurrencies.

As simple as a bank transfer

After registering and passing our KYC process, investors deposit their investment in USD or EUR, so they don’t need to worry about handling cryptocurrencies. We are responsible for deploying the capital following our portfolio distribution and storing the cryptocurrencies safely.

Professional portfolio manager

We invest in a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies that we analyze and track on a daily basis using our proprietary analytics tools and exclusive access to data insights. Our investment committee reviews our list of approved cryptocurrencies weekly to ensure they meet our standards regarding technical performance, safety, and liquidity.

State-of-the-art custody

We have leveraged our +5 years of experience managing cryptocurrencies to design a security protocol that every employee has to follow, taking into account cryptocurrencies’ unique features and weaknesses.

We have partnered with BitGo, the market leader in crypto assets custody, and we store >95% of the cryptocurrencies there. No single employee has access to any asset, and funds are insured for $100 million against theft, third-party hacks, and technical problems. You can read more about BitGo here →

No lockup period

Cryptocurrencies trade and are transferrable 24/7. For us, it’s crucial to offer the same freedom to our investors, so there are no lockup periods or redemption fees.