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Analytics platform digest

Analytics platform digest

Overwhelmingly transparent. That is an accurate way of describing crypto. Yes, information is open and available. But it is also complex and overabundant, and newcomers can easily drown in data.

Analytics is one of the most necessary side industries that is blossoming on the sidelines of crypto. Even governments are hiring data consultants to help them oversee the sector.

There are dozens of analytics tools helping insiders and outsiders navigate the flood of information in crypto. Here's our humble attempt at scratching the surface with a selection of a few names and URLs. It is by no means an extensive list, just a selection meant to represent the breadth of the space.

  • Block information directly from the blockchain. Etherescan (for Ethereum) or Blockchain Explorer (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum…) are windows into the raw data of the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains, respectively. A rabbit hole where you can follow the lead of every single transaction ever made. Every Layer 1 solution has its own Etherescan.
  • Cryptocurrencies and tokens. Coingecko or Coinmarketcap are two of the many tools used to follow the daily evolution of assets. They also offer deep resources for training and learning.
  • DeFi insights. DeFi pulse or DeFi Llama offer usable approaches to DeFi. They might differ in the scope of their analytics: DeFi pulse focuses on Ethereum while DeFi Llama also explores other Layer 1 solutions such as Solana or Polygon.
  • NFTs. Cryptoslam, Nonfungible are platforms that dive into NFTs: collections, stellar sales, floor prices, etc.
  • Media. Messari, The Block, Delphi...three of the most outstanding information and research companies also offer freemium dashboards of curated metrics.
  • For pros. Glassnode or Cryptocompare (the latter, with a freemium model) are tools used by professionals for in-depth analysis.