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Gaming guilds

Play-to-earn. If you haven't heard of it, let Grimes break it down for you.

Play-to-earn is more than a teenager's dream or a streamer's privilege. It is becoming a reality, as crypto allows gaming projects to redistribute the wealth they generate across the community. In play-to-earn gaming platforms, players earn tokens for their participation, therefore turning them into fiat to use at a grocery store. If you want to understand it quickly, albeit superficially, you can think of play-to-earn as a company like Fortnite distributing its marketing budget across the players, who in exchange are incentivized to build an extended community.

Guilds are a type of business born from this concept—players organized in company fashion to professionalize playing in play-to-earn platforms. Andreessen Horowitz invested $4.6M in Yield Guild Games in August, and now another two guilds have some announcements to make: Avocado Guild has announced an $18M round, and Loot Squad announced a $5M raise too.