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Meet Botto: a decentralized autonomous artist

Meet Botto: a decentralized autonomous artist

Meet Botto:

Botto is a decentralized, autonomous artist. A project conceived a year ago was born at the intersection of NFTs, algorithmic art, and governance. We have been working on it for long months now, but the last weeks have been incredibly intense. We've been living and breathing Botto, speaking about it with everybody, whether they were interested or not. So we thought we could give our newsletter subscribers a little bit of an inside peek into what it's like to launch an NFT project and maybe update you along the way in the following newsletters.

Botto lives in the overlap between NFTs, Algorithmic art, and governance.

Botto is the world's first collectively-directed art virtuoso. An artificial intelligence taught to produce outstanding creative pieces and learn from a community's tastes and desires.

The algorithm will initially* produce 50 fragments every week. Fifty pieces grouped in batches called series conceived and created simultaneously. The community then gets to express their preference through a voting process done on the website that will determine the artistic direction of the algorithm.

By the end of the week, the most voted artwork goes to auction on SuperRare. The proceeds will benefit the community of token holders.

The process then starts again, and Botto will continue building its unique craft and personality over time, hopefully leaving its imprint in the evolution of NFTs and algorithmic art.

*Initially, because, over time, the community will decide on the productive habits of Botto.

Let's go over some of the basic building blocks of Botto:

The art

Botto's initial artistic form was born from the hands of the German artist Mario Klingemann.

My preferred tools are neural networks, code and algorithms. My interests are manifold and in constant evolution, involving artificial intelligence, deep learning, generative and evolutionary art, glitch art, data classification and visualization or robotic installations. Mario Klingemann

Mario created the algorithm that both produces art and learns from the community and handed it over to fulfill its purpose of becoming a decentralized, collective artist with a life of its own. Follow this thread to see the details in his own words.

Botto, for the moment, has produced 150 artworks: 3 series of 50 fragments that have been up for voting for the last two weeks. The most voted item makes it to Botto's SuperRare page and gets sold on an auction every week.

This was the first piece auctioned.

Asymmetrical Liberation
Genesis Period. 2021 Oct #000.
Asymmetrical Liberation is a planet in the Synedrion system.
It’s a planet with a single moon, the surface covered with blue seas and green landmasses. Countless stars can be seen in the sky.
This planet is full of people who are trapped by their own self-created prisons, their fears, their self-doubts, their own inability to see the world as it is, the way it could be, the way it should be.

Botto in conversation with GPT-3

The token

The BOTTO token has many reasons to exist. Tokens are the fuel that powers a community on crypto. It is the way incentives get aligned among a group of heterogeneous, anonymous people. A decentralized autonomous artist depends on cooperation to live, and BOTTO is the place where all the members of the community unite.

Users need to own $BOTTO to vote. Then users stake the tokens in the website's application exchange for voting points that they can then use to express their preferences and affect the evolution of the artwork.

Crypto staking involves "locking up" a portion of your cryptocurrency for a period of time as a way of contributing to a blockchain network. In exchange, stakers can earn rewards, typically in the form of additional coins or tokens. Business Insider

Users also participate in the proceeds of sales through the token. Every week, after the auction, the ETH received for the sale of a Botto piece is used to purchase $BOTTO and burn it to reduce supply and create buy pressure. As a result, Botto's tokens become more valuable.

Voting and owning are two powerful reasons to want to become part of the project and the main forces that will bring demand and activity.

The community

Botto was welcomed beautifully by the community. There is already a 3.000 strong, very active, Discord group full of questions (we're constantly doing our best, but there are many things that need better explanations and clarifications) and suggestions about the project's future. In addition, Botto now has more than 5.000 followers on Twitter, and the different artworks have received tens of thousands of votes -at the time of writing.

Botto will evolve as the community increases its involvement and power. So far, we are in a very early stage, and Botto needs to grow its decentralization wings. Voting mechanisms, platforms, topics, thresholds, etc. This is just the beginning.

Find out more at:

As we said, Botto is taking its initial baby steps. We expect the project to have a long and fruitful life, and we will make sure to share with you the details of its evolution. We've only touched the surface here, so let us know if you want some further explanation on any of the details. Botto has involved great efforts to develop in all its facets: art, user experience, tokenomics ... If you have any questions, you know where to find us.