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Twitter is leading mainstream adoption to crypto

The last weeks have brought great news from mainstream companies. TikTok (diving into NFTs), Revolut (designing their own token), Robinhood (ready to launch wallet features)...

The biggest news from a crypto outsider probably come from Twitter, who, in the same day, announced two breakthrough features that are going to open the hearts of many to crypto:

  • Bitcoin tips: Twitter will allow users to reward their favorite content creators in BTC through a payment system called Lightning Network: a Layer 2 solution built on top of Bitcoin that makes small payments more convenient, fast, and, more importantly, incredibly cheap.
  • NFT profile pictures: profile pictures are one of the killer applications of NFTs: in a 100% digital world, changing your profile picture to an NFT has become the way of showing the art you own to the world. Very soon, users will be able to connect their wallets to Twitter and validate and show their NFTs. This is an argument against rightclickers: those people who claim buying NFTs is silly because you can just rightclick-save any digital image.