We offer our +5 years of experience managing crypto assets and building blockchain-related products in a wide range of consulting services. We work closely with our clients to help them to understand and participate in the crypto world.

Cryptocurrencies' research

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies, with different value propositions and token economics. We help investors to identify investment opportunities and trends, and understand the quirks of every cryptocurrency.

Individual and corporate custody and security

Cryptocurrency custody requires technical and cryptographic knowledge and proper security protocols for every person involved, including investors, employees, and even family members.

We work closely with our clients, such as HNWIs and Family Offices, to understand their needs regarding accessibility, location, and investment goals, to design the perfect custody solution for them. This includes finding the right custody provider, a custom-designed security protocol, and training.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies adoption

Traditional companies can leverage crypto assets and blockchain in different ways: they can accept payments in Bitcoin, launch their own cryptocurrency, or add blockchain to critical processes. We work with them to identify how they can leverage cryptocurrencies and blockchains, and we connect them with key companies and services in the sector to achieve their goals.

Due Diligence on Startups

More and more VCs and business angels are looking for investment opportunities in crypto-related startups, but they have problems understanding the token economics and the relative position in the sector. Combining our experience in both crypto and investment, we help them to identify the best opportunities.