What we do

Carbono has been immersed in crypto since 2016. We have assisted companies with technological development, HNWI, private investors and institutions with the implementation of investment strategies, and we have participated in the design and launch of many crypto projects in cooperation with other entrepreneurs.


We have broad experience training and onboarding top management executives and teams from financial and venture capital firms.

Carbono adapts content to different needs and levels, and provides personalized attention to companies in the process of transforming into web 3.

Onboarding. We help venture capital firms, banks and other institutions onboarding and understanding the technical, operational and financial innovations happening in crypto.
Training. We design ad hoc training programs that combine, theory and practice, for individuals or teams who want to learn how to participate directly in Web 3 innovations.
Community building. We help companies adopting the new forms of remote community organization, prevalent in the web 3 space.


Carbono conducts educational and analytical content for potential investors or web 3 stakeholders. We conduct forensic analysis and ad hoc investigations for digital assets and projects.

We approach projects from all relevant points of view: technical, financial, regulatory, and marketing. We investigate smart contracts, wallets, tokenomics, teams, white papers and communities to provide informed opinions to potential stakeholders.

Carbono Insights Carbono delivers a biweekly newsletter in English and Spanish (for non-experts).
Quarterly reports. We produce quarterly reports with a summary of the most relevant trends, news and developments about regulation, technology and finance for our corporate clients.
Digital asset or project report. We conduct data analysis investigations, financial evaluation and technical due diligences on specific crypto assets or projects. We also provide in depth, tailor-made reports on trends from the crypto ecosystem.
Analytics tool development. We have developed proprietary analytic tools as deflationary blocks

Digital asset advisory

With +5 years experience managing assets and building projects, we have the necessary skills and tools to assist in the decision making, perform due diligence on Web3 projects, and conduct management and custody of this new asset class.

We support family offices, HNWI, and financial institutions in the design and management of their crypto portfolio.

We are experts in interacting with DeFi protocols, in order to provide exposure to less accessible assets.

Family Offices and HNWI. We are currently collaborating with family offices and high net worth individuals in the design and management of crypto investments.
VCs and Banks. We assist financial institutions and VCs in identifying investment opportunities and handling the financial and operational challenges of investing in digital assets.

Venture Building

We have walked the talk. Carbono has experience delivering crypto-based products and services, through collaborations with clients and venture building.

We assist the technical operations involved in digital asset investment (purchase, transfer and custody), manage the design of white papers, tokenomics or smart contracts, integrate Web 2 and Web 3 capabilities, and help in communications, content generation and community building.

Starbizz, Graphpath, Profede. Assisted in protocol design, tokenomics, white paper production, as well as legal, communications and HR best practices.
Botto. Designed tokenomics for this project in the intersection of generative AI art, Decentralized Finance and DAOs.
Glow. Analysis, technical implementation, token design, and tokenomics for this yield ecosystem built on the Terra network.
Bala. Built the infrastructure and tokenomics for a Latin America based play-to-earn guild.
Pepe.wtf. Search tool for RarePepe collection: one of the earliest NFT collections in cryptospace, launched on the Bitcoin blockchain in 2016.